New York City Gold Key Writing 2021
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Ela AlsterPersonal Essay & Memoir
What is Love Through the Notion of a Screen?
Ines AltoPersonal Essay & Memoir
Time Machine
Estelle AndersonCritical Essay
Land of the Unfree: How "A Mercy" Exposes America Through its Portrayal of Jacob Vaark
Estelle AndersonCritical Essay
An African-American “Eve:” Analyzing the Symbolism of Janie’s Garden in "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
Estelle AndersonPoetry
thoughts on adolescence
Ava AndrewsJournalism
Who Gets Heard & Who Gets Believed: The Threshold of Believability for Women in Assault Cases is not Defined by Evidence but Identity
Danielle AndrewsPersonal Essay & Memoir
Imaan AnsariShort Story
Grandma's Gift
Maya AnvarShort Story
Her Vision
Daniella BarillasPersonal Essay & Memoir
Dashiell Beber-TurkelDramatic Script
Sunrise Motel
Dashiell Beber-TurkelPoetry
Bea BeckerPersonal Essay & Memoir
Who We Wish We Were
Nina BelcovePoetry
On Diatomic Elements
Daniel BelkinPoetry
Lesson Learned
Hannah BerleyCritical Essay
Impressionism: Art and the Bourgeoisie
Alexandra BermanFlash Fiction
Here's How to Bury a Body
Vishnu BharathramCritical Essay
“Do You See the Story?”: A Crisis of Language in Heart of Darkness
Sierra BlancoPoetry
Juliet and Rosalind
Hannah BlockShort Story
Noa BrownHumor
Untold Stories of the ER: So Bad it’s Good
Cora CadmanShort Story
Renee CaiPersonal Essay & Memoir
Vicky CaiPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Short End of the Track
Gabriella CalabiaPoetry
1000 ships
Aylin CalderonPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Guava Tree
Aravah ChaikenCritical Essay
Cell Out: How the Medical Community Cheated Henrietta Lacks
Cadence ChenPersonal Essay & Memoir
I Grew Up Here
Josh ChenPoetry
explorations in hurt, hunger, & healing.
Sabina ChernerFlash Fiction
Violet ChernoffJournalism
Missing Male Voices
Sarah CheyneyPoetry
Sarah CheyneyPoetry
Maternal Instincts
Ryan ChiuPersonal Essay & Memoir
Ines ChomnalezPoetry
The Fall
Suah ChungPoetry
toothless smiles
Taryn ChungPoetry
a poem (hopefully) not about tomorrow
Brianna Clarke-AriasPersonal Essay & Memoir
James CordingleyScience Fiction & Fantasy
James CordingleyScience Fiction & Fantasy
Memoriam Addict
Margo CramerPoetry
Lily CrowellCritical Essay
An Exploration of Transgenerational Trauma in Homegoing
Sophie D’HalleweynPoetry
Broken Glass
Meera DasguptaPersonal Essay & Memoir
animal kingdom
Meera DasguptaPoetry
Dominique de CastroDramatic Script
Quarter Past Midnight
Amihan del Rosario-TapanPersonal Essay & Memoir
Stolen to be Given
Hayden del VallePoetry
A Good Deed
Alexander DemtchenkoFlash Fiction
An Immovable Object
Violet DiBiasioPoetry
Where I'm From
Michael DingCritical Essay
From “Chinamen” to “Model Minority” : The Representation of Chinese-Americans in The New York Times
Michael DingJournalism
Can Floating Islands Combat Climate Change? A Conversation with Seaphia Founder & CEO Dr. Nathalie Mezza-Garcia
Ilana DrakePersonal Essay & Memoir
Down the Rabbit Hole of My Disability
Ilana DrakePoetry
Me, Too
Lina EidPersonal Essay & Memoir
Aaron EpsteinScience Fiction & Fantasy
Hard Pill to Swallow
Sarah FarbiarzPoetry
High Holy Period
Zeran FeiPersonal Essay & Memoir
Sascha FeinburgShort Story
Tori FeinsteinFlash Fiction
Thirty-Three Feet
Ava FlussShort Story
The Attic on Krupowki Street
Samuel FranklinScience Fiction & Fantasy
Sarah FriedenPoetry
Missed You
Logan FurlongeFlash Fiction
Logan FurlongeScience Fiction & Fantasy
Shades of Green
Logan FurlongeShort Story
Logan FurlongeShort Story
Neverland Blue
Logan FurlongeShort Story
Gabrielle GalchenPoetry
Marialba GallegosPersonal Essay & Memoir
El subjuntivo
Marin GellerPersonal Essay & Memoir
Jeremy's Equation
Julia GewirtzScience Fiction & Fantasy
I Miss You, My Love
Yana GitelmanPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Flowers are Mine to Pick
Devra GoldhaberFlash Fiction
Maeve GoldmanPoetry
Blankness of America
Maeve GoldmanPoetry
Love Projected Onto Inanimate Objects
Max GreenfieldCritical Essay
Death, Drugs, and Divinity: Spirituality in the Poems of Allen Ginsberg
Liliana GreyfPoetry
Odes To My Frustrations
Felix GriffinPersonal Essay & Memoir
5 Words, 53 Letters
Charlotte HaidarPoetry
Just Singing
Emma HaidarPoetry
Cherry Pit Swallows a Hollow Stomach
Emma HaidarPoetry
I- a love letter scrambled and seeded
Amelia HarringtonPoetry
Rainier HarrisJournalism
What Is It Like to Age Out of Foster Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic?
Rainier HarrisJournalism
In Fight to Save Summer Youth Employment, Advocates Push City to Let Teens Work Remotely
Rainier HarrisJournalism
Why NYC Kids Are Fighting to Bring Back the City’s Summer Jobs Program
Laila Hartman-SigallPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Story of a Girl Like Me
May HathawayPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Girls' Guide to Being a Vessel
May HathawayPersonal Essay & Memoir
Droste Effect
May HathawayShort Story
How to Wear White to a Wedding
Chelsea HayeScience Fiction & Fantasy
The Most Quintessential Odyssey of a Lab-Freak
Natalie HenryPersonal Essay & Memoir
It was Me and You
Lila HertzbergPersonal Essay & Memoir
Tomoko HidaPoetry
When I try to breathe
Calista HillPoetry
Enigmatic Miscellaneous
Emeline HobartPoetry
Luke HuangPoetry
to dust adam shall return
Felix HuescaShort Story
Love's Worst Enemy
Jamie JianPoetry
To My Grandpa
Anya JiménezPoetry
Dinner Party
Lea KarianHumor
Letter to A Monster
Vidhatrie KeethaScience Fiction & Fantasy
Sea of Light
Alice KhayamiPersonal Essay & Memoir
A Picture's Cry
Connor KimCritical Essay
Erased from History: The Lost Story of the Amistad Captives
Jaemin KimScience Fiction & Fantasy
Louise KimPoetry
an ode to breathing
Nicole KimCritical Essay
The Social Constructs of Race: How the Unification of Personal and Racial Identity Creates Stability within Contradiction in Toni Morrison's "Jazz"
Seryn KimDramatic Script
Catherine KingJournalism
Mass Cull of Minks in Denmark
Ariel KirmanCritical Essay
What is an American?
Audrey KolkerHumor
Audrey KolkerPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Poet
Sofia KorostyshevskyFlash Fiction
Paranoia 541
Stella LapidusPoetry
like running
Cora LeCatesPoetry
Glossary: Places I've Lived
Cora LeCatesPoetry
Slash Notation
Alicia LeePersonal Essay & Memoir
Against All Odds
Haeon LeeCritical Essay
FDR’s Fireside Chats: One Model Rhetoric, Two Distinct Roles
Stephanie LeePersonal Essay & Memoir
Being Korean
Ava LennonPersonal Essay & Memoir
My Name
Ava LennonPersonal Essay & Memoir
A Walk
Reed LessingFlash Fiction
Blue Mold and Wildflower
Anya LevinPoetry
Isabel LevinePersonal Essay & Memoir
Please Don't Sail Your Ship Away
Bridget LiPoetry
sloan kettering ; december 20th, 2019
Cathy LiPersonal Essay & Memoir
Callia LiangPoetry
Moya LinseyWriting Portfolio
Six Easy Pieces
Madison LoughlinJournalism
Through the Webcam: Zoom and Cognitive Health through the Lens of Care Facilities
Josephine LowPoetry
letters from quarantine
Katie LuPoetry
Patience & Fortitude
Nia LwangaPoetry
Yeah I wish I lived in the 90s
Natalie Marcus-WadeJournalism
It's Time to Care About Not Caring
Eleanor MarksShort Story
A Break In Silence
Eleanor MarksShort Story
Stained Glass
Eleanor MarksShort Story
Amanda MartinezPoetry
Glimpsing Daybreak’s Crumble
Eimi MatsudaPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Laughter
Hannah MayerfieldScience Fiction & Fantasy
Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.
Hannah MayerfieldShort Story
Jackson Rose
Arav MehtaJournalism
The American Caste System
Josephine MignonePoetry
Case Counts Will Rise
Nina MoskeCritical Essay
“You Can’t Make an Omelet Without Breaking Eggs”: Robert Moses’s Upbringing and the Degradation of New York City Housing
Max MottolaShort Story
Beyond the Bars
Charlotte NewmanShort Story
Better to Share a House with Rats
Charlotte NewmanShort Story
Spaced Out
Niamh O'HaraShort Story
Ruby, Morgan, and The Boys in the Park
Audrey O'HeirPoetry
Jhanae OtteyPoetry
Of Light and of Death
Caroline PantzerPersonal Essay & Memoir
Summer Switch
Serin ParkCritical Essay
“Balancing on the Hypothetical Wedge between Black and White: My attempts to fathom the ephemeral promises of a debt never paid.”
Yotam Pe'erCritical Essay
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Anna PhilippeCritical Essay
Satire and The Boondocks: How Far is Too Far?
Rosen PiperniPoetry
Two Hundred and Six
Christina PoulinShort Story
Friday Morning
Liam PowersPoetry
Rules Of A Zoom Funeral
Shuba-Shree RajagopalShort Story
Living Without Him
Olivia RasoPersonal Essay & Memoir
Labor of Love Across an Ocean
Alice RosenbergPoetry
Zoe RosenbergDramatic Script
Yes, Sir
Zoe RosenbergPersonal Essay & Memoir
Surviving Together
Stella RothfeldNovel Writing
Atticus RothschildPersonal Essay & Memoir
My Time in Xinjiang
Asha RoyPersonal Essay & Memoir
COVID Summer
Lilly SabellaPoetry
put your elbows into it
Lilly SabellaShort Story
Mia SanchezPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Monitor Line
Caia ScarolaPoetry
Spider: The Uninvited Guest
Ainsley ScheinerPoetry
Ode to Waiting for the M79, after Ross Gay
Ainsley ScheinerShort Story
Superior Men
Charles SchellPersonal Essay & Memoir
Journey's End
Frances SchwarzShort Story
Long Distance
Michelle SeucanCritical Essay
Why Defunding the Police Is Vital to Society
Michelle SeucanCritical Essay
Westworld Season 3: A Social Commentary On Human Nature
Michelle SeucanJournalism
Activist Lorena Borjas: The Transgender Queen of Queens Dies of COVID-19 Complications
Sarp SevilPersonal Essay & Memoir
Glass Houses
Clara ShapiroHumor
Human Error
Jacob ShawCritical Essay
The Korean War: World at Civil War
Rachel ShelaPersonal Essay & Memoir
A Piece Of Me Died On The 1 Train
Lindsey ShihShort Story
Midnight Diner
Elizabeth ShvartsDramatic Script
Brighton Bitches
Arjen SinghShort Story
The Black Rose
Ana-Maria SkaricicShort Story
To Be Scared of One's Words
Abigail SmithPersonal Essay & Memoir
Staying Positive During Quarantine: How The Work Of Wordsworth, Rodgers, And Hammerstein Provide Pleasance And Optimism
Sanaa SondhiHumor
Mom Manifesto
Lucy Clara SopherCritical Essay
Screen Treatment: How Telepsychology Is Shaping My Generation’s Therapy Sessions
Samantha SorcePersonal Essay & Memoir
Little Boy, Hudson River, Randall's Island
Arianna SteadmanPoetry
Food for Thought
Julia SternJournalism
The New Central Park Monument: Breaking the Glass Ceiling?
Caroline StohrerScience Fiction & Fantasy
The Figure
Brianna SukhdeoWriting Portfolio
Emily SunJournalism
Street Food Vendors Return. Their Customers Don't.
Emily SunPoetry
June Haibun
William TangPoetry
Hope: What is It?
Marina Tassan-SoletPersonal Essay & Memoir
Serena TaxinPersonal Essay & Memoir
I'm Fine
Grayson TaylorNovel Writing
Fallen Nation
Kevin ThorpeShort Story
Seeing August
Elio TorresCritical Essay
Street Vendors and Empty Promises
Willamina TungstenPersonal Essay & Memoir
The ACS Center
Naomi UmlaufPoetry
My Body is Ticking and I’m Starting to Hear It
Ari UngerNovel Writing
The Bridge
Gabriella VermutScience Fiction & Fantasy
The Ballad of Planet Blue
Maxlyn WallersonPersonal Essay & Memoir
Lose it All
Emily WangPersonal Essay & Memoir
Boiling Human Syndrome
Kyra WangHumor
POV of a Hand Sanitizer
Mary Lawrence WareFlash Fiction
16 Siroccos
Sylvi Warshaver-SteinPoetry
American (History) Sonnet
Sylvi Warshaver-SteinPoetry
Last Night in Mexico
Sylvi Warshaver-SteinPoetry
If They Take Me
Sylvi Warshaver-SteinPoetry
AP Existentialism: Final Exam
Sylvi Warshaver-SteinPoetry
The Great Barrier Reef is Dead
Abraham WeitzmanWriting Portfolio
Kai WilliamsShort Story
Until It All Came Crashing Down
Maia WilsonPersonal Essay & Memoir
The Girl With Silk for Hair
Anthony WongCritical Essay
Hell Incarnate
Maren WongCritical Essay
Hair in Power: Understanding, Destruction, and Revival in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
Maren WongPoetry
Your Connection Is Unstable
Thisbe WuPoetry
Celebration of my mama
Annabelle XingCritical Essay
Tragic Suicides: for Glory or Sacrifice?
Annabelle XingCritical Essay
“The Metamorphosis:” A Tale of the Human Psyche
Annabelle XingPoetry
Speaking All the Same
Annabelle XingWriting Portfolio
Growing Pains
Christine XuCritical Essay
Xenophobia: A Plague That Lasts Forever
Madison XuPoetry
This is for my Grandmother Who Rode Horses Bareback
Rachel YangCritical Essay
Social Mobility in The Great Gatsby: An Anti-Modern Message
Rachel YangPoetry
De Composition
Alexandra YaoFlash Fiction
The Prophet of Doom
Alexandra YaoFlash Fiction
My Dearest Eva
Alexandra YaoShort Story
A World on Fire
Nancy YaoCritical Essay
Broke or Woke?: Examining the Harmful Consequences of Cancel Culture
Nancy YaoShort Story
The Onion Slayer
Neo YeePoetry
People say they hate books
JieJie YuanShort Story
Al Coda
Arden YumPoetry
How It Feels to be Model Minority Me
Arden YumPoetry
Younghae (Grandma)
Grace ZagoriaPersonal Essay & Memoir
Dear New York
Sarah ZhangPoetry
Sarah ZhangPoetry
Bleecker Street
Sarah ZhangPoetry
Sarah ZhangPoetry
Thoughts that go through my head at the table when
Tiffany ZhengPersonal Essay & Memoir
Making Zòngzi on the Balcony
Cathy ZhouFlash Fiction
The Everlasting Brown: A Kafka Inspired Flash Fiction
Emma ZhuPersonal Essay & Memoir
Notes on a Lonely Mother
Rachel ZhuPoetry
Your Death as My Redemption: Portrait of Girlhood
Rachel ZhuShort Story
Yan Zhen ZhuPoetry
What remains