Dear NYC Scholastic Awards Community,
The NYC Scholastic Awards team hopes you enjoyed a wonderfully creative summer. Thank you for making 2019 an outstanding year for the NYC Scholastic Awards. Nearly 5,000 talented NYC students participated in the 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. New York City students earned nearly 160 National Medals for their art and writing submissions. We look forward to even more in 2020!
The NYC Scholastic Awards will again be administrated by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers in partnership with Parsons School of Design and Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. We are also working closely with The Metropolitan Museum of Art to coordinate the exhibition of Gold Key work. Visit the NYC Scholastic Awards blog frequently to learn about opportunities for students and educators offered by our partners.
Registration for the 2020 Scholastic Awards opened on September 12.
What you Need to Know About the 2020 NYC Scholastic Awards
  • Check Out the Updated Submission Guidelines: There are changes to the submission guidelines for 2020. Students and educators are strongly recommended to read through the category descriptions and submission guidelines before uploading any work. Students are responsible for submitting their work to the proper category and ensuring it adheres to the guidelines. Visit artandwriting.org/categories for more information.
  • Digital Submissions Only! We’re saving paper (and stamp money) this year by moving to completely digital submissions! All submission forms must be submitted digitally via the student or educator dashboard. Mailed-in submission forms will not be accepted.
  • Do Not Mail Checks for Submission Fees! Students are no longer be permitted to submit checks to cover their individual submission fees. Students are required to submit payment digitally via PayPal. Students may submit payment as a guest if they do not have a PayPal account. Mailed-in checks for individual submission fees will not be accepted or processed.
  • The only exception to this policy is for schools/educators covering the submission fees of multiple students. These educators may mail in a single check covering the cost of all submissions accompanied by a list of the students covered by the payment. Submission forms for these students must still be submitted via digital upload. Only checks from schools submitted with the required information will be processed. Checks must be received by Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Click here for more information about bulk payments.
  • The NYC Submission Deadline is December 3, 2019. All submissions and payments must be received by this date. Students are encouraged to submit work early to avoid the stress and complications of waiting until the last minute.

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