Writing Portfolio

Writing Portfolio- Stella Wong Age 16 Grade 12, Hunter College High School, Gold Key

Bongongongong…ommmmm…the loud gongs and soft chanting of Buddhist monks echoed through the temple. My beloved cousin Dasha, around two years older than I, was softly murmuring prayers with her incense as I struggled to stay awake. My own incense stick was expelling a spicy, warm cloud around my face. When praying and performing Buddhist rituals […]


Writing Portfolio- Stephanie Tomasson Age 17, Grade 12, Trinity School, Gold Key

Occupy the Oversized One type of man threatens Wall Street moguls with court ordered appearances and imprisonment, another with media exposure and slanderous internet blogs, and yet another with banishment to Main Street. Flask, the stout rapscallion causing quite the scene on the Liberty Street side of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, fell into a […]