Short Story

Dear Luke

Prologue Jenna Winters lived a small suburb of Chicago, Illinois with her older brother Luke and her father. Luke just made the biggest mistake of his life. One mistake that could never be undone. Dear Luke, March 13th What were you thinking? I know you had your phone in your hand. That’s what the stupid […]



In fall in Shelter Island there aren’t many cars. The tourists go find another beach, perhaps on another island. Somewhere where they can litter the sand with cigarette butts and bury them with their toes. There aren’t many cars blocking the narrow streets, but piles of leaves surround the grass. They become more visible without […]


The Pills

You shuddered and winced slightly as the car door slammed behind you, another one of the nervous tics that you’ve developed over the past few months. There’s the one where you bow gently to the right every time you leave your house through the garage. For the past few weeks, you’ve taken to gently rattling […]