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Today (12/16) is NYC Submission Deadline

NYC Educators and Students, Tomorrow December 16th is the deadline for submissions. Student work must be uploaded by 11:59 pm. SUBMISSION FORMS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY DECEMBER 16th. The best way to ensure that a submission form is postmarked is to personally visit a post office and hand deliver your envelope to a window agent and request that […]


Reminder: Submission Deadline is December 16th

This is a reminder that the deadline for submissions is Wednesday, December 16th, only two weeks away! Don’t forget about our newest award category, Editorial Cartoons. The category, Editorial Cartoons, sponsored by The Herb Block Foundation, is designated for artwork that conveys a political theme or message. Up to three Medal recipients in this category […]


Perfection, Silentium

Silentium tapped her foot nervously on the floor of the spaceship. I hate this job. I hate this job. I hate this job. She almost said these words aloud, but quickly caught herself—The Government’s many security cameras would catch every word she said against any of The Government’s “flawlessly” organized systems, including its job-selecting algorithm. […]