She had lived so long in only a pink nightgown fraying at the cuffs, clean as a whistle. It was easy, at first; and then it was harder, and she had to arch away from the outstretched claws that threatened to dirty her pretty-girl honor. Soon the monsters began to pursue her, and she could […]


Telemachus’ Grief

As black shapes lengthen cold over the sand And stone, quivering with the falling sun, Telemachus broods close to the dark surf. Watching the waves rattle towards his small feet while walking west from his now distant home, endless crests of baffling feelings break sharp across his mind, causing his conscience to whorl dark into […]


5: 13 Pm

Aunt Carrie used to sit in a beach chair On top of the world near the Jerome Park Reservoir And tell the building ladies about her heyday As the bookkeeper of the Communist party And her brilliant husband Paul, A fighter in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. We would call her on the phone to check […]