Personal Essay/Memoir

Bits and Pieces & Kate’s Vineyard

Kate’s Vineyard (2015 Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir) By Atessa Savitt, 8th Grade, The Dalton School Some strangers aren’t meant to stay strangers. I say this with a specific someone in mind. When I was eleven years old, my family and I were vacationing in Napa Valley, California, commonly known as the “wine country”. On our […]



She nudged me. “How do you pronounce that word?” she asked in a warm whisper, her index finger peeking out of the sleeve of the paper thin, over-sized turquoise robe to point at the pamphlet. “Mastectomy,” I said. “Muh-steck-tummy.” “Mah-steek-timmy. That sounds like such a scary word. All of these science words are so intimidating,” […]