Burning Sky

The sun was caressing my cheek, its hand offering protection and warmth. Waves crashed against the sand. It sounded like a childhood rhyme; the kind that you grow out of too fast. However, there is still a tiny fragmented glimmer of hope imprinted on your soul. The story survives. The ocean breathes. The seagulls were […]


My Spent Life

Out of all in the world, I did not understand the cause of the spectrum of grievous, gnarling feelings simmering inside. My poor precious heart beat painfully fast. No cause could care to explain the strange sensations of pain. Was this what people called anger? Or was this those strange feelings called sadness? Why was […]



The hero shifts his helmet into a more comfortable position, anticipating the struggle ahead. His muscles are stiff with nerves, and his hands tremble slightly. With the faintest of grunts, he mounts his sleek Pegasus, a beauty of a creature. Her dark amber eyes gleam in the sunlight, sparkling in the warm air. A moment’s […]