A Scandal In The Ukraine

Chapter One Milldefort Penitentiary, Illinois This is the chronicles of Clinton Skippy, convicted of smuggling Ukrainian Anthracite into Illinois by the Milldeforte Police. One could say that I am evil, seeing that I did smuggle sixty pounds of illegal Ukrainian anthracite into my own little insurance company so I could sell to the master purveyors, […]



Two days before the apocalypse Megan still did not know what she was going to wear. Mark was furious with her. She had had at least two years and four months to plan. He would be wearing his grey pinstriped white button down underneath his navy blue blazer with black pants. He admits it had […]


Hipster Glasses

As you probably have noticed, there has been a growing trend of “hipster glasses” lately. These are clear-lens glasses, with absolutely no prescription, used only to make the user seem like he/she needs glasses. These so-called, “Hipster Glasses” do not actually help the wearer to see, but are worn, according to my lovely 13-year-old contact, […]