Dramatic Script

What Really Happened

  Scene 1:             Carol, Hannah Jack and Joseph are outside the nursing home. Hannah is 14, Jack is 10. Carol and Joseph are in their mid forties. They are in front of a picturesque building lined with trimmed trees and a fountain. It is around noon on a bright, sunny May day. The nursing […]



Characters George A small, mild-mannered, timid 12-year old boy. Harrison (Hairy) A foolish, trouble-making 15-year old. A drunk in all of his actions, even though he is always sober. George’s Mother A caring, but stressed, 40-year old woman and a mother of three. Mariana George’s sister. A beautiful, teasing 16-year old. Sam A soldier in […]


To Care

An eighteen year old boy walks into the kitchen, bleary eyed and tired. He’s wearing pajamas, and his hair is messed up. He walks over to the kitchen counter, and gets out a piece of bread, and pus it in the toaster. While the bread is toasting, he sits at the table and sleeps, head […]