Hello NYC Scholastic Awards Community!

Though we are still indoors, the weather is clearing and summer has walked in. We know this pandemic has come with a surge of questions, and though we hope to have more answers for you soon, we urge you to frequent the NYC Art and Writing microsites for updates, We hope you take advantage of the COVID-19 Resource Page and learn How to Get Ready for the 2021 Awards. We also recognize these are troubling times and urge you to use your tool of artistry and creative expression to explore, learn, and engage in radical conversations honoring your unique voice.

Please note until further notice the Artwork Pick Up originally scheduled for June 11-13 has been cancelled for all Gold Key students who dropped off their original work for The Met Gold Key Exhibition. We will communicate with students via email in the fall when the Artwork Pick Up event is postponed. Similarly, all Gold and Silver Key distribution has been placed on hold until further notice. Please send questions to nyc@artandwriting.org.

In the meantime, we invite you to continue sharing the NYC Celebrates! page and browse through the 2020 Online Galleries on the microsites featuring Gold Key winners, many of which received Silver and Gold Medals. Congratulations!

Jeanette Lin, Impasto Lips, Painting. Grade 11, High School of Art & Design, New York, NY. James Harrington, Educator. Silver Key, 2020.

Stay Tuned

With city-wide platforms, accessing news and creative opportunities is now easier than ever. Connect to the New York Times platform for student comments on current issues and news, and share your voice!

Hear accounts from teens who experienced the 1918 Influenza, in Smithsonian Magazine’s What We Can Learn From The 1918 Influenza Diaries by Meilan Solly. Check out the CDC’s Pandemic Flu Storybook for archives and personal recollections of the 1918 Pandemic.

I like to be folded until there is nothing left to visibly see

Gyana Guity, Chapter V. Pain in Poems, Poetry. Grade 12, University Heights High School, Bronx, NY. Lillian DeJesus, Educator. Siver Key, 2020.

Writer Resources

Literary Balms

One of New York City’s most widely recognized writing institutions for black poets, Cave Canem, is hosting a series of opportunities for writers of all ages.

Check out Cave Canem’s Literary Balms: A Virtual Community Writing Project. where you can participate in weekly prompts created by Cave Canem Fellows on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tune in every Monday for three new prompts that will surely get your fingertips itching.

Traveling Stanzas

If you are in need of inspiration, we encourage you to explore biopoetics through an interactive online poetry project celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Although Earth Day 2020 has passed, everyday is an opportunity to connect with the Earth. Check out Traveling Stanzas, add your own lines to a community poem, use model poem prompts to spark ideas for your 2021 Scholastic Awards submissions, and gather inspiration from writers.

New York Times

Lastly, make sure to check out 12 Ideas for Writing Through the Pandemic with the New York Times. The more you write this summer, the more content you can choose from when you are submitting.

Words alive!

Words Alive is an incredible resource for students, educators and parents who are looking for writing opportunities to express emotions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the daily writing prompts and mindfulness activities that will keep you and your family centered.

Split this Rock!

Visit #SplitThisBookfair, a virtual book fair celebrating presses, journals, and authors where you can find poetry readings, free writing workshops and virtual open mics featuring your responses to current political, economic, and health crises. There’s even a poem of the week series that can become your weekly inspiration for your new material.

For Educators

The Children’s Psychological Health Center has a series of guided activity workbooks for educators, parents, and caregivers. There you can access excerpts of My Pandemic Story, with many more resources embedded.

Peter Mamaev, Commute, Drawing & Illustration. Elisabeth Irwin High School, New York, NY. James French, Educator. Silver Key, 2020.


Listen in as filmmaker Akinola Davies and poet James Massiah catch up and compare notes on creativity, life and style in their debut podcast series.

Curated by Keri Mongelluzzo, Ph.D. candidate in Art History. Explore an interactive Pop Up exhibition, Photography=Abstraction, which includes images, text, and informational videos for selected works, by using your mouse or touch screen to click navigational buttons included throughout the presentation. Check out the virtual Pop Up here!

*Note for Teachers – this exhibition was organized with a university audience in mind, so it would be most appropriate for secondary students and up.

This short video is a fun and easy art project using supplies from around the house. It walks you through making an ‘assemblage,’ inspired by one of artist Louise Nevelson’s works in the Palmer Collection, Diminishing Reflection XXIII. Created by Palmer Museum education intern and Penn State Art Education major, Jules Edelmann. 

Explore high resolution images, text entries, and contextual videos for these special exhibitions organized by the Palmer Museum of Art.

Inspired by the raffia-woven textiles in African Brilliance, this short video walks you through making your own hand-held loom and creating a weaving, using common materials available around the house. Created by Palmer Museum education intern and Penn State Art Education major, Jules Edelmann. 

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