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All the way from the boogie down Bronx, I am here to showcase the immense talents this city hones. I am Haydil, your NYC Scholastic Awards Manager. Now this city has found even more reasons to keep our skies lit.

Have you submitted yet? Our deadline is quickly approaching; we highly recommend submitting before your Thanksgiving break.

Justin Lam, Neglected Soul, 2019 Drawing & Illustration Gold Key & Silver Medal. 10th grade, LaGuardia HS, Yang Zhao, Educator.

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  • All NYC submissions are due by 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Make sure to review all Scholarships and Special Achievement Awards to identify if your work qualifies. 
Need support creating your account and submitting your work? Have no fear, Alondra and Mateo are here. Follow the steps indicated in the videos and you should be ready to submit in no time!
Daniel Martinez, Imagination, 2011 Silver Key Photography Portfolio. 12th grade, Herbert Lehman HS, Alicia Hansen, Educator.

What’s New with the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards?

The deadline for NYC submissions is Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 11:59 pm ET. Do not procrastinate. Submit your works early to avoid stress! Consider submitting before embarking on your Thanksgiving break.

Maha Almatari, I Do Not See Me, Mixed Media, 2019 Gold Key & Gold Medal. 12th grade, New Explorations Sci-Tech-Math, Hilary Svihla, Educator.

New Submission Fees. Individual submissions are $7 and portfolios are $25. Students for whom the submission fee poses a barrier to participation are invited and encouraged to complete a fee waiver form in place of the submission fee payment. All fee waiver forms must be submitted digitally by students through their account. Educators may not submit fee waivers on behalf of students.

Submit All Payments Online. Fees for submissions must be submitted digitally via PayPal. The only exception to this policy is for schools/educators covering the submission fees of multiple students. Learn more here.

Digitally Upload All Submission Forms. All submission forms must be submitted digitally via the student or educator dashboard. Mailed-in submission forms will not be accepted.

Updated Guidelines. Review the changes to the submission guidelines for 2020. Students and educators are strongly recommended to read through the category descriptions and submission guidelines before uploading any work. Students are responsible for submitting their work to the proper category and ensuring it adheres to the guidelines.

National Awards & Scholarship Opportunities: The Scholastic Awards offer additional opportunities for recognition and scholarship through special, sponsored achievement awards. Please review to see if your work qualifies.

Allina Ai, Subway Through my Eyes, Mixed Media, 2018 Gold Key & Silver Medal. 9th grade, Marymount School of New York, Wook Choi, Educator

Praise our eternity and ways of taking history into our own hands,

how brown girls from The Bronx aren’t supposed to write poetry

but I did it anyways.

Alondra Uribe, An Ode to the Bronx, Poetry, 2019 Gold Key & Gold Medal. 11th grade, Theatre Arts Production Co HS, Ellen Hagan, Educator. 2019 National Student Poet.

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