Emoti-Con Design Fellow Applications Due January 9th!

Our pals at Parsons are accepting applications to become a Parsons Emoti-Con Design Fellow!

What does this mean?

Emoti-Con is the annual NYC Youth Digital Media & Technology Challenge. The Emoti-Con! Design Fellows are the youth who make Emoti-Con happen! Design Fellows work on graphic design projects (signs, t-shirts, flyers), post on social media to spread the word and get people excited, and help teens get prepared to participate. They also help plan the day, coming up with ideas for everything from swag and giveaways to what speakers should be on the stage. On the day of Emoti-Con, the Design Fellows are the greeters, MCs, and show-runners, and create a brand-new game or design challenge every year that every single person who comes to Emoti-Con participates in! (Note: The Emoti-Con Design Fellows program used to be called “A-Team.”)Emoti-Con group

What do you have to do?

-Be in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in NYC!

-Commit to attending 9-11 of the Free Saturday sessions at Parsons The New School for Design January 31-April 18 (except March 28), from 10:00am-1:00pm.

What’s in it for you? (In addition to knowing that you are totally awesome and you have been part of something AMAZING, you will…)

* gain experience in graphic design, game design, event planning, and public speaking from a Parsons instructor — all great skills for college applications, job applications, and life!
* meet awesome teens from across NYC!
* be able to request a transcript you can use for college applications, which will say that you completed a Parsons Pre-College Academy class!
* receive a letter of recommendation from the instructor that you can use for college applications!

DetailsEmoti-Con happy

Applications are due January 9th, 2015.

Applications & more information available here!

Take a look at past the Emoti-Cons and learn about the cool projects teens are creating that positively affect the world around them here!


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