Submissions are open for Teen Art Gallery!

T.A.G. (Teen Art Gallery) is accepting submissions for their 2015 Art Exhibition!  T.A.G. is one of NYC Scholastic Art & Writing Awards’ favorite programs!  They are run by teens for teens.  If you are planning on submitting to the Awards, why not submit to T.A.G. as well?

Teen Art Gallery is a group formed and run by teens from different schools in NYC to exhibit art created by teens from around the world.  Our mission is to make it possible for teenage artists to show their work in real galleries.

We produce several art exhibits each year in Manhattan. Our gallery shows feature artwork created by teens from around the world in all categories, including: Photography, Performance, Poetry, Video, Writing, Comics, Animation, Installation, Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture.

T.A.G. Mission Statement

For some young-adults, the art world– full of white walls, art dealers and established artists–can be intimidating. We may have difficulty approaching this world even if we are well endowed in both maturity and talent. Our difficulty is partly due to the lack of knowledge that coincides with the limiting environment assigned to us because of our age. T.A.G.’s goal is to eliminate this limitation when present and provide fellow teenaged-students with the opportunity to take part in displaying their works in a gallery. T.A.G. reaches out to all young artists so that they are not alone in figuring out the process of showing their work in a gallery setting.

Many teenagers are immensely talented and sophisticated in their use of techniques, such that their place in a gallery is beyond well deserved.

For details on how to submit please visit T.A.G.’s FAQ page by clicking here!

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