Poetry and Picture Mashup

We are already beginning to receive submissions for the 2015 NYC Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  In honor of this I am presenting to Gold Key winning student pieces from last year.

Ragged Dreams by Maya Dixon, Bronx, NY
Ragged Dreams by Maya Dixon, Bronx, NY

Below is an excerpt from Regana Alicka’s Inching Away From Some Negative Stimulus

this is a poem about a person i know and i wrote it on the subway
unlike her name would suggest, you can’t find her by asking around on the street
rather, E lives in the spaces between the projections off the stem of the letter “E”
she sleeps in the white space surrounding ancient verse
she subsists on sucking sap out of languid phrases and words so damn good they are swollen with cane juice
her sanctuary is beautiful; the company is dark
because E is gradually filling with tar and is close to the brim
and her blank forearms are scratched with dashes intended to separate two clauses (E, her life)
her armor is coptic or linear b so i’ll never know if she means
pura vida or zhizn’ yest’ stradaniye
i do know, and the thought of it feels like hell,
E will lose circulation to her fingers.
and if she can’t pick up a pen or light a match anymore
the world will close in on itself and become a period on a page


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