Never Forget To Remember

Dear Me,

Please read this. Please follow these instructions. Then, smile.

Never forget to breath. The trees need your carbon dioxide.

Never forget to pause. Don’t just look. See.

Never forget to brush your teeth. Especially in the morning.

Never forget to say thank you. It won’t go out of style.

Never forget to fall in love. And fall and fall and fall and fall…

Never forget to have your heartbroken. Bonus: Find someone to put it back together.

Never forget to dream. Create a world with lavender skies and never-ending sunsets.

Never forget to skinny dip. Leap into life. Immerse yourself.

Never forget to write. I shouldn’t have to remind you.

Never forget to cut work on a snow day. Bonus: Hot chocolate.

Never forget to sing. Music is love.

Never forget to see the world. It welcomes you.

Never forget to run into the ocean. Walking does not suffice.

Never forget to listen. It saves lives.

Never forget to look at the sky. You are never alone.

Never forget to save the whales. You are their voice.

Never forget to kiss in the rain. It is mandatory.

Never forget to help others. You never know when some one will save you.

Never forget to cry. The salt connects you to the sea.

Never forget to smile. Add light to the world. Share your sparkle.

But, most importantly,

Never forget

To remember

What it’s like

To be


Love Always,


Victoria Testa, Age 17, Grade 11, Fiorello H Laguardia High School of Music, Silver Key

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