Bedford Stuy

The home

of Bedford

Stuy where

I think

about Biggie

when he

was getting

fly while I sit

there and think

the smoke enters

my nose and I start

getting high

The bumping of the Biggie

music blasting

in ear the repetition of

“Biggie Biggie Biggie

cant you see sometimes your words just hypnotize me

and I just love your flashy wayz

I guess thats why were broke and your so paid”

The music is like an energizer bunny to my ears

I stand on the porch were my father got shot

a bullet pierced right into his heart

that’s were I sit and run my hands through

my hair and then wish I can go back and be there


why did he die

right before he died he looked

me right in my eye and said why why why did

I leave you in the first place but now I’m back and

I ain’t going nowhere with his slang what he didn’t

know is right before he took a pull of that big fat brown

weed loaded blunt bang bang

why the same day

he came back he died my destiny and glory

was revenge but as my body is developing my

eagerness for it is fading

is this suppose to happen

Jordan Rice, Age 13, Grade 7, Junior High School 145 Arturo Toscanini, Gold Key

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