All Is Not Fair In Love And War

If Only I Had Known What I Know Now

The summer sun was hot when I met you
A time for short lived flings and idol thoughts
Who knew the pain I’d feel, what I’d go through?
I didn’t think I’d end up getting caught
At first, I thought your witty words were trite
The walls I’d built around my heart were strong
I shunned the thought of romance every night
I thought my head was right and my heart wrong
I never knew your witty words would charm
I never knew you’d break the walls I’d built
I never you knew your kisses could disarm
That longing could cause pain or so much guilt
It’s done; how I’ll get out I know not how
If only I had known what I know now.

Calypso’s Sonnet

Calypso with her braids that could ensnare
Turned brave Odysseus to her passion slave
To all the world it seemed she did not care
While he wept tears, she got the thing she craved
But do mere mortals know the story’s whole?
And can the gods proclaim her deeds depraved?
Odysseus was not something that she stole
The shipwrecked man was lost but then was saved
She kept him safe and living seven years
When otherwise his life would have been spent
And when the gods found pity for his tears
They took her only friend without consent
So here’s the final question we must see
Was he not treated well or was it she?

All Is Not Fair in Love and War

Francesca and her husband’s closest kin
Did tear apart the sacred marriage bed
Detested for their wanton, lustful sin
Their actions from their heart, not from their head
Impulsive actions sent them down to Hell
Their retribution sentenced from above
Now damned for all eternity to dwell
Mere victims of their unrelenting love
It was a book that first ensnared her heart
Defeated by the lover’s longed-for smile
From thence, they could not stand to be apart
In death, they’d still remain close all the while
But these two lovers can’t hope for too much
They’re doomed to always look but never touch.

Michael Anne Hoffert-Cone, Age 17, Grade 12, Packer Collegiate Institute, Silver Key

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