The Man With The Gun

Without a care
They played and danced
The ribbons, the bows
The spiderman pants

Guarded from the world
They laughed and loved
All they could see
Were kisses and hugs
Monsters and dragons
Were all that they feared
Princesses and fairy tales
Were all very real

Then one average day
Turned out not to be so
When insanity meets innocence
We search for words no one knows
When the strongest bond of love
Is pulled from its roots
The beauty that once was
is now on the news

Those on the outside
Can not bear the thought
They pity the families
Of ones that are lost
But those who have lost
Can’t bear pity from others
For no one can know
Their heartbreak, their struggles
They will never have comfort
They will never have closure
Because this cruel cycle
Will never be over

Their screams and cries
On that sickening day
Will haunt their minds
Never Fading away

Survivors now safe
But never at rest
They will ask if their life
Came at others expense

The mind tries to grasp it
But it cannot be done
For the pain in the soul
Burns bright as the sun

The damage is done

The man with the gun

Rachel Mishael, Age 16, Grade 11, NYC Lab High School for Collaborative Studies, Silver Key

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