He is decorated
In a rising pool of darkness.
His face is kindness and silver,
And his eyes are made of metal.
The sky looked me in the face and
The music twisted and turned, living and breathing.
Hide the last link; it’s all you have,
Why didn’t you realize?
Waters of the sky along the road of yellow stars,
You cry, with someone else’s tears all over your face.
Why do you deny that you’re pretending?
A dance with death,
A kiss of pain,
But the colors are so distracting.
You lost one,
And then the other,
But the outcome’s just the same.
With his silver eyes and home.
One interchanged with the other.
Lost in Hitler’s world of burning,
Why didn’t you hide from it all?
You knew all the answers,
And you were the answer to me.

Sophia McCreary, Age 14, Grade 8, Trinity School, Gold Key

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