Awake With the Rainbows

It’s seven o’clock in the morning, and there is only blackness in my window. I’m not allowed to be awake yet, so I have to move quietly. My dad is showering in the next room, so I know it’s the right time. I slide my door over slowly, as it jerks and makes noise when pulled quickly. I tiptoe through the kitchen to the marble floor in the dark hallway. Now here is the hard part. There is a brief stretch of creaky, wooden floorboards, followed by a large carpet. I can jump, but it’s just barely too far, so I have to gingerly step across until I reach the rug. Now I finally can leap softly onto the couch. Mission accomplished. It’s still dark outside, so I’m on time. I press my face against the window, my nose plastered on the glass. I breathe while I wait, causing fog to condense on the surface. I begin to draw smiley faces in the fog. I hear the cars zooming below; the day is starting for some people. The city is already awake. But then I see what I have been waiting for.
The sky first fades from a murky, charcoal black to a lighter indigo, to an even lighter cerulean color. Then comes a cloud of light purple advancing through the sky. A rosy pink taints the image, a harbinger of the impending sun. The condensed mound of vivid tangerine peeks up slowly behind the silhouette of the city skyline, encircled by a halo of warm yellow. It spreads throughout the sky, and the shadows below slant and slide across the buildings. As the sun emerges, it activates the rainbow-maker that is suction-cupped to my window. Rainbows stream across the room, dancing on the walls, like the shadows on the buildings. I begin to watch their pattern as they float across the ceiling, the mix and variety of size and speed of the rainbow never fails to interest me. I am filled with wonder and amazement as the beautiful colors fill my living room. The hues of the sunset fade and dissolve into a ubiquitous sky blue, and the sun situates itself in the higher ranks of the celestial screen.
The steady sound of the shower ceases in the room next-door, and the sunrise has ended. I have to hurry back to my room before my dad catches me. I scramble in seconds and slam the door, and pull the covers over my face, giggling from the exhilaration, and pretend to be asleep. He soon comes in, dressed and ready for work, and “wakes” me up. I give him a hug and kiss, and say goodbye.

Lucy MacGowan, Age 13, Grade 8, Trinity School, Gold Key

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