Child of The Americas

Child of the Americas

I am a child of the Americas
Surrounded by a sea of people who wear on their skin every shade of the rainbow –
Evidence of their ancestral roots, the blood that runs deep within, or perhaps a whisper of the ghost of their pasts
Every soul has a story, and every journey ended here
Together we weave the blanket covering America
The hopes and dreams we seek for ourselves bring our people together
And our aspirations run deeper than the shades of our skin

I wear my dark, Greek features proudly
And I find my home across the deep blue oceans
Where the mandolins strum melodies sweeter than honey
Where the sea licks the soft gray sand on the shore
Where the men and women dance together until the sunlight fades and the moon rises high, shining in the twinkling night sky
There, I am surrounded by the love of my family
But there, I am also surrounded by people who look like me and speak like me
And I am not my own unique piece of the puzzle that is America

So I’ve found my true home is a place where every nation, every race, every belief, and every voice, is represented
I come home to a place called New York City
Where I am free to use my voice to sing in a chorus full of people coming from all depths of Brooklyn
Where I am free to play sports, coming together with every person on my team

Where I am free to write my poems, as sad as they may be
Where everyone who has arrived here has fought to cross the vicious seas
This is a place
Where every person can dare to be different
Where every person can fight for their dreams
And where every person has a different story, waiting to be heard.

Lauren Kingsley, Age 16, Grade 10, Packer Collegiate Institute, Silver Key

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