Asleep With the Memories

She spoke with an asperity
Observed with a glare
As the glare of the jewel acknowledged
Her presence
The gleaming, glittering, garishly perched bracelet

Stood on
Its own

Hunting down the past
Its tragic beauty grasping the surrounding air
Choking it
Holding it close, unwilling to let go
Its hard jade heavy and motionless
At once, seemingly void of life
But then, with a breath
It imbues within me, within her
Within us
A feeling
An unremitting feeling
Of love, loss, lore, lament
Lands to which we’d been
Lovers we had passed
And wished so foolishly to be
Bright pockets we had looted
Dark streets we had raced
Bitter coffee that blanketed our throats
Silk dresses that just barely brushed our knees
Laughs that belted from deep in our stomachs
Sleepless nights plaguing our days
Some good
Some bad

Mistakes made
Embraces felt
Thoughts never thought
Words never spoken

And so,
With an absent set of eyes
And a cold, naked wrist
She placed her bracelet upon the nightstand
And retired to bed.

Nina Svirsky, Age 15, Grade 10, New Explorations Into Science, Tech and Math School, Silver Key

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