I Go to Bedsty, Over Here

Scene 1

I got to Bedsty, over here,
I’m the new kid on the block.
I don’t know nobody. I find all my sons from Grand Avenue.
I aint find them yet, that’s 3 or 4 years later. My dad signed me to a school.
I’m not much of a school person. I got memory problems.
Back of my head, I got stitches, cause my brother slammed me against the radio,
I got stitches right here,
right here,
and right there,
I was about 6.
I wasn’t payin attention in school.
I was somewhere else.
I left back in 1st grade. They threw me to 332. It’s a school that’s about to get shut down.
I was running around school, beating kids up, fighting all day.
They was messin with my little brother.
I still remember that nigga,
the fast and tall dude,
I cracked him in the head and he dropped.
We had some beef.
He and I never talked again.
He’s still around.

Scene 2

It started with water guns,
spraying them.
I hit my brother,
It was fun.
My mom came downstairs and she whipped my ass.
I was about 7.
The feeling is like when you are mad,
Your hearts starts pumping. Adrenaline.
Starts pumping.
(My Dad don’t let me box.)
I got stuff going on. People dying.
My dad’s always working.

Scene 3

One summer time, I was doing good in schools
getting good grades.
We are in the park and chillin, play fighting
We knows you around here
Whyd we never saw each other? my friends saying’
We were in the hood together.
After my mom passed away, started smokin’,
fell off from school.
I’m tired of hustling, we need more money,
we rob someone on the subway,
I got caught. I got caught by some big Mexican dude.
It was a crowded train.
I just tried to toss him over me,
Other guy dragged me on the floor,
You have the right to remain silent,
Anything you say can and will be used against you,
I got arrested, they sent me to a detention center,
I was there for 2 or 3 hours, early in the morning,
I got dressed, they put me in court, I got free.
Then, I got into a fight with my father,
They sent me to the hospital.
I am dangerous.
I fight anybody.
My sister and brother,
They block the door and my brother step up and start to fight me.

Scene 4

My brother and my father held me until the ambulance came,
the cops came through the door,
they put me in cuffs,
they took me down stairs,
put me in the back of the ambulance,
put in Brookdale,
I got admitted,
I ask my father,
can I go home?
he said no.
I ask why?
he said, cause you going to do the same thing.
I cursed at him,
I bagged the phone on him,
then, called my TNB homies,
told them there’s a concert on,
He said, No.
I hung up the phone,
went back to my treatment,
some lady gave me some clothes,
so I could take a shower,
I took my meds,
went to sleep.
The next day, a new inmate came in.
I asked him what he was jacking?
What sight?
Then after that I spit my shit.
I peaced him.
We started talkin’ about the niggas, we know.

Sharm Cox, Age 15, Grade 10, The August Aichorn Center, Silver Key

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