Take Me Back

Take me back to “The Good Old Days” –
to Kindergarten first-kisses
and soggy leftover Cheerios.
To the red rubber slide of the school playground
and hot chocolate by the campfire.
To Saturday morning cartoons
and brown-bag lunches of Goldfish and chicken nuggets.

To when we complained about books with small font
and listened to songs for more than just the “hook”.
Picked the M&Ms out of trail mixes
and hated shots even more than homework.
Fed our broccoli to the dog when Mom wasn’t looking
and didn’t dare say “stupid” for fear of time-outs.

To when the biggest thing we could imagine was the periodic table,
numbers only went up to 100,
and nothing could ever last for more than an hour.
To when Christmas was the most important event of the year,
and sharing was the only thing we were ever nagged about.

To when fear was the dark,
disappointment was bedtime,
desire was a new box of crayons,
ambition was climbing to the top of the rock wall,
and accomplishment was memorizing the 50 states.

Take me back to living life
with love, joy and laughter
in the simple things,
for they were truly the “Good Old Days”.

Sarah Rodeo, Age 17, Grade 12, The Hewitt School, Silver Key

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