Recognize Me As…

Recognize me as a girl
Mad all the time,
Known as disrespectful and rude like a Roaring Lion
Slamming doors, stomping around the house and screaming at my elders

A Boricua that was born in Puerto Rico but raise in the Bronx
That speaks both English; “How are you?” and Spanish; “Como estas?”

A person that lives only because she has no other choice

Think about me as a girl, Just a girl that’s life is only worth living to get an education and because of my best friend; almost like sister, Rosy

A girl that loves and wants to be loved back

A young person that is sitting in this Navy blue chair trying to write and poem and thinking to hard to make it good

My Nephew
My niece are the only thing that put a smile on my face every morning
I thank them for that

Think of me as somebody that has a family; 2 families, 1 sister, mom, stepfather, niece and nephew
A family that barely pays attention to their daughter and never noticed that she is so hurt on the inside

Think about me………..Think about me

But remember me as a girl that has feelings and all her life has been hurt on the inside.

Genesis Caban, Age 13, Grade 8, New Millennium Business Academy Middle School, Silver Key

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