Yo Ma, I Be, Racial Democracy

Yo Ma (11/2/12)

Yo Ma…Well can’t you even pull the Chris Brown, Excuse me Miss?
You know, that manners lesson from YO MA that you missed…
And all those birthdays for your children that you’ll miss…
These two words you say to get in, but you say nothin when you get out
Those few minutes you took to caress her, undress her
That 1 second you realized you left your condoms on your other girl’s dresser
Lord…God bless her
Even though she’ll be preaching your name tonight
When you gather your belongings and she awakes…you’ll say Oh look at the time
9 months later you’ll be chanting NOT MINE
You must not mind, spreadin your seed,
Much better than smokin weed
So remember, you must not have paid attention to YO MA
Girls are worth more than 2 words
And if she feels differently
Then let her be the first heard…in group therapy

I be (11/20/12)

I be, cool, calm, collected
Difficult to be respected
Society’s own neglected
Sick, fire spittin’ poetic, chick
With rhymes that make you epileptic
Stuck between arrogant Misters and neurotic Misses
My lower backside waiting for their kisses
I’m just tryna live
But this society’s not asking for enough of my potential to give
It’s apparent that I fight for my right to succeed
And when I am a parent, I will give my kids the tools they will need
I be 17, just looking for a shoulder to lean
Hard to do when you’re surrounded by green
Not the kinda green you can use to blow your worries away
But the kinda green that makes you feel like you’ve over welcomed your stay
I be, an expert at the childish games people love to play
Survival of the fittest has been essential each and every day
Get out of my way, roaming in and out of my life, you’re just another stray
My spirit seeks immediate emancipation, but my body reeks of hesitation
How can I leave?
The thought alone makes it harder to breathe
But you can make it through anything
If you just don’t grieve.
I be, hating on you?
When were you ever greater than me?
We’re not even equal,
You are the ending
Girl, I am the sequel.

Racial Democracy (7/26/12)

In Brazil, lies Racial Democracy
It is stirred into a pot of total hypocrisy
White and black are two shades,
But feeling black is continuing to fade
Let’s look to the rich, in which consists, fully of white
Blacks are kept out of plain sight
In Brazil, you go by your color,
Not cha race
Black pride is what people are afraid to embrace
Those who do, become displaced
If Brazil has Racial Democracy,
Then the U.S is a monarchy,
The streets of Brazil erupt with anarchy
With all this talk of black and white,
You’d think Brazilians are color blind.
But let’s not forget the 134,
But in time, there will be more,
To the list, blacks get treated like a malignant cis,
Removal is needed, but mercy is pleaded
Brazil is in danger,
Because Racial Democracy is a stranger
This hypocrisy is unbearable,
The living condition of the poor blacks is terrible
The ancestry of Brazil is indelible
But the mental slavery is inevitable
The landscape of Brazil is paved with slavery
It’s crazy how fulfilling your roots, is an act of bravery
Try walkin’ through Brazil
Now, what do you see in the hills?
The favelas housing the black population
Plus, the on-going discrimination
Whites with most of the occupations
Blacks rotting with no sanitation
Live for the present, soak in the past
The spiritual bond between blacks must continue to last
Racial Democracy is an illusion
The government’s tangled in confusion

Alexis Garcia, Age 17, Grade 12, Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning & Social Change, Silver Key

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