Shriveled Wishes, City Living

Shriveled Wishes

Another cup of coffee,

Another sleepless night,

Another bout of broken dreams,

Another burned out light.

A daughter asleep in the other room,

A mother like a ghost.

A barren fridge, a barren cupboard,

A closet with raggedy coats

The little girl who reaches for

The warmth that isn’t there.

The little girl who makes

The breakfast alone without much care.

What is a house without a home,

Or home without a heart?

What’s a heart without a purpose?

What’s a purpose without a start?

City Life

Crooks leaping though

The streets of a lonely city.

A soul huddled,

Without a companion,

On the corner of Canal and Mott.

Another sleepless night,

Another shattered dream,

Under the umbrella of

Shouting lights and silent taxis,

A muttered sigh is lost

In the chatter of raindrops.

Fionna Du, Age 13, Grade 8, Mark Twain I.S. 239 for the Gifted and Talented, Silver Key

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