Our Minds Create Enemies/I’m Being Watched

Our Minds Create Enemies

Our minds create enemies and competitors out of enjoyment, praise and progress.
It turns those airs into ones of social awkwardness, snideness and demotion
Our friends and family become competitors that we can’t ever seem to beat
And all we become is competitive, immature, schizophrenic and weak
Then what happens if we manage to beat those obstacles that our mind created out of ignorance.
We’re left to wallow in self loathing
And desperation
For something new to occupy our minds
She’s not prettier than me
He’s not smarter
These pathetic feelings rot our minds and should never be harbored
Because you are all beautiful and I feel you should all know it
Take the letters of everyone else’s definition of beauty before your eyes and mold them
Because again…
You are gorgeous, lovely, and you fit your own tastes
We are all teenagers
And middle aged
Lost in confusion
We can’t differentiate
Earning from inheriting
And I’m just asking
What’s the value of the world
When you don’t even know the value of yourself
Priceless compared to
Price This
It isn’t right, this….
Twisted meaning of what should matter the most
Whether I act grown, talk grown
I know to you all I’m a little girl
In these days we multiply our ages by stress because we’re distressed
What happened to being free spirited
And laughing til it hurts
Nowadays everyone is just stoic and afraid of dirt
And the people who used to have voices and abuse it?
Now I barely have my I own and this is the only time I use it
Why because despite what I like to say or how i like to think
I’m very vain
And I am very aware of my every step and how many times I blink
I’m a product of my environment
So vanity is second nature to me
It’s been a long while since I’ve had a chance to be me
The same as you’re not always you
Because I’m squished into the middle of a crowd
That’s spewing nonsense into their phones or just being loud
Everyone here is a part of the ignorance and the beauty of the 21st century
Our renewal is resurrecting trends from our parents’ day
But we’re original, I can’t put my finger on why
Yet it makes sense this way
Crooked teeth beautiful
Split ends lovely
You can say “I love the model in the magazine”
But right AFTER
You say “I love me”
She’s pretty
He’s smart
But my smile is a piece of art

I’m Being Watched

I’m being watched
There’s a hand on my left shoulder
And one more yanking me on my right
Mommy calls me in the day and daddy prefers the night
Daddy’s like gravity but mommy is the sun
She is the light I will never run from
Mommy teaches me to fly with a coax of her own wing
Daddy attempts to make me soar and to flutter and to sing
Mommy shares her stage
Daddy teaches me to raise my own curtains
And create my own act
Mommy says to bow
Daddy says to turn my back
Daddy understands me when I speak
Mommy warns me not to talk back
daddy knows that when I’m rude, I’m at my best
That’s when I speak my heart
Cry my mind
Honest, me at my best
Mommy shows me how to swim
Daddy pushes me into the ocean to measure how far I’ve come
Mommy warms the shallow waters
Because mommy remains the sun
Daddy is the moon
He controls the tides that wash me to shore
Daddy is physics, daddy is gravity
He pulls me to the ocean floor
Daddy shows me darkness but he says that’s all that’s really out there
Mommy rises me high
To the atmosphere
Daddy drops me and wants to see me get there
Mommy is my movement but dad is my conscience
Daddy is gravity, daddy is physics, daddy is the moon
He teaches me to live this
Mommy is the sun, mommy is my movement, she is my spirit
Mommy says live it
I am the earth
I am the physical
They are my shield impenetrable
They are my halves
Though not in any way symmetrical

Bre’ann Newsome, Age 15, Grade 10, Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts, Silver Key

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