I didn’t know my fingers
could bend like that. Please mister
teach me how to fix them, and be my heroine
save me from the nightmares. Help
me discern the difference what’s real. Let me be your new
bride, I don’t want to say goodbye.

In those dreams, you would buy
a beautiful diamond ring for my finger.
And you wouldn’t spend your time missing her,
dreaming of her in
that little white dress that I want to wear. Help
me be your new

lover. I knew
that by
the time I was fourteen you would be dreaming of my figure.
Please mister,
stop shooting heroin
I want to help

you with your addictions. You can help
me get over the news
that I will never stop hearing those voices, by
letting me follow in your figure
eights. The way you dance is so beautiful mister,
almost as beautiful as that one time you let me taste your heroin.

I watched the colors make love, and they didn’t let her in
those hallucinations. I don’t need your help
but please, run away and come with me to trace the new
corners of the universe . Buy
a ticket and don’t give them your finger
prints if they ask, Mister.

Stop saying you miss her,
forget her in
that red stained dress you always talk about, guilt won’t help
us and our new
adultery, can you feel the friction by
our finger

tips? I did it by myself; I knew I wouldn’t need your help.
I can still taste the silver on my fingers, and if they ask, it was the voices and the heroin.
But I did it because I love you, mister.

Allison Rainsby, Age 16, Grade 11, Packer Collegiate Institute, Silver Key

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