Our Unfair City

Over the summer, my friends and I went to this amazing place. A world made of blocks. We built a massive city, made of gold and diamonds and unnecessarily expensive materials. And it is extraordinary.
But now it faces a threat from the outside. A dark army gathers at the gates of the city. They came in a form that appears harmless. They have followed us here to this wonderful land, seeking riches. They will unleash pure destructive rage if we allow them to come close. The dark army is lead by the badly behaved friend of my friend’s little brother. We fear he will detonate charges all over the city, loose evil end-creatures and withers and to dismantle our machines. If he gets mad and throws a tantrum, our city is doomed. Which he will, according to his friend’s older brother, who is my friend.
But really, how much worse is he than us? We imprison helpless villagers to work in our shops. We built a machine just to abduct villagers. We raid the villages, blow up their houses and turn the whole thing into a pit filled with lava. I am not the CEO of McDonald’s, but I have killed many chickens.
This world of blocks has turned us into homicidal maniacs who kill pigs daily. We are worse than the green zombies who raid the villages every night, break down the doors and kill the people. But at least the villages have a force of justice, the massive golems who wander, smashing any threat to the villagers. Cows do not have police.
But after all, it is just a game. Everything is virtual, and nothing is real. 20 dollars to be god of a world made of blocks, in our unfair city.

John Lurie, Age 12, Grade 7, Hunter College High School, Silver Key

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