Her Eyes (Pt.1-5)

Her Eyes (Pt.1)

She looks around the room,
With eyes as big as the world.
She sees with new sight,
And questions the ordinary.
But what is really ordinary?
Does ordinary really exist?

She wants to be normal.
She sees the other children around her,
And wonders why she is so different.
When she lay in bed at night,
She looks up at her ceiling,
With tears in her eyes,
She asks,
“God, why have you made me this way?
Why am I not like the rest?”

She thinks it is bad to be different,
To see with new eyes.
But one day, she will do great things.
With her vision, she can change the world.
She may not see like you or I,
But seeing is something different to her.
To her, seeing equals feeling,
And feeling equals revolution.

Her Eyes (Pt. 2)

He looks in her eyes,
And she can’t return the gaze.
But he feels her eyes.

Her Eyes (Pt.3)

He wants her to see,
But he knows that she cannot.
His love burns for her.

Her Eyes (Pt.4)

She wants him to know,
That her feelings are aglow.
She longs for his touch.

Her Eyes (Pt. 5)

Her hands on his lips,
She may be blind, but she sees.
She can see his love.

Jessica Manzi, Age 16, Grade 11, Fiorello H Laguardia High School of Music, Silver Key

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