“The Red”, “The White”, “This Sunset”, “Dancing In The Dark”, “Home”

“The Red”

Red velvet curtain.

Ignite your passions
and desires.

Lose yourself in the
crimson mist.

So real… like blood.

Let it flow through
you, ebbing and flowing
as your heart beats,
stutters, and
in that natural and
unnatural way when
the desire is

Explore yourself.
Gentle caresses.
Soft moans.
Delicious little breaths.

Lose yourself in
It isn’t wrong if it’s

Lose yourself
in the Red.

Red, like rose petals
and fresh in scent as
a young bloom.

A young bloom eager
to reach out
and soak up the warmth.

It craves that warmth.
It loves it…
It needs it…
It wants it…
And so do you.

Let your tongue
slide gently and
explore the sweet
wetness of another.

Allow the Red
to envelope you.
Let it consume you—
but only if
you’re ready to
indulge in the
beauty that
is you.

You’re so beautiful.
So very beautiful.

Like a pulsating heart,
carry on in a manner
that is rhythmic
and harmonious to you.

Let the Red spread.
Let your passions
and desires have you.

They are you.
Accept them.

Become whole
from the tip of
your toes to the
ends of your hairs.

Lay back languidly and
stretch slowly.


Love yourself.
The Red.

“The White”

White Satin curtain.
Soft… Supple…
Like innocence.

Twirl in the sprawling
gentle whiteness…
Lose yourself in it
As if it is snow.

Let it caress you beautifully
like supple white rose petals.

Let it kiss you
sweetly on the

It’s scent is orchid sweet.

Just let it twirl;
don’t force it
to stop.

Please let it be free–
The Goodness.
The Beauty.
The Simple Pleasure.

Just let it wash over you…

The soothing white.
The pure White.

It reflects every bit of you.
The Simple Truth.

“This Sunset”

Land and sea join together in a shallow symphony,
as the sun’s dying embers say farewell.

Where he stands is glassy,
and beautifully frail.

Even his other self joins him
in this fleeting moment of sincerity.

The darkness creeps up on the horizon,
an insidious lover to the day.

His only way back to the world that once was is his chariot.
But there’s no need to return.

“Dancing in the Dark”

Beyond this veil is midnight’s secret… Will you join me?

When the morrow comes,
Will you whisper my name
soft and sweetly?

When the light of dawn touches your lips, will you kiss me?

When darkness comes again
will you be there with me?

Hold onto me tightly before I fade… It won’t be long now.


Let’s return to the place we used to know.
Take my hand and we’ll go down the Forbidden Road.
No one is watching us, so this is our only chance.
We’ll make it if we try, all we need is fear to keep us going.

This place is our home no longer—it never was.
Let’s go back to that place we once knew.
Let us return and forsake this pretentious daydream.
Remember fear. Remember pain. But remember not the way back.

Hold onto me and do not let go.
We’ll return to the place we know.

Listen for my voice if we are to lose each other.
We’ll make it to the place we know.

Look into my eyes and not your Cimmerian soul.
This is the place we know.

We’re home…

Chandanie Hiralal, Age 16, Grade 12, Robert H Goddard High School for Communication Arts, Silver Key

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