at first, you would tell your dreams to anyone who would
listen, so that they weren’t just yours, stories about

new, unblemished sails, on a ship with your captain,
casting off for adventure, and

the bases of ivory towers, soaring amongst the
clouds, marble statues next to

the pelt of some great beast, made
into soft-as-breath mittens, but wild-scented still

you told of the gleam of white teeth bared, as
dazzling gold is revealed, and

sunlight, glancing blindingly off of white
sandy beaches, wherein lies

a translucent cave of quartz, begging you to
traverse inside, see the

glowing, luminescent mushrooms, lightning
reflected back in a tumultuous

crowd, diamonds on display, brilliant and
ice cold, tempting, and rich.

now you light up, inhale, and release a cloud
of smoke, swirling with dreams

sniff, hold, repeat, hunched
over a small mirror, a formula for adventure.

Sara Guan, Age 16, Grade 11, Hunter College High School, Silver Key

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