I’m a boy with a ego that can get ahead a kid with a shark fin at the top of his head you look at me and say I’m a hoodlum but instead I’m a kid that wants to be be somebody thats over your head I was on the corner wants before until I saw my father get shot in his head bang bang 2 times it was a tragedy causes he was making that bread from selling that weed and spitting them rhymes i know some crack heads that lived better than what he fed rancid ravioli that we ate all day i wondered why my stomach was aching every single night I’m Jordan Nasir Rice do you have a solution of my tough old life cause the j stands for jinx the o stands for oblige the r stands for rare the d stands for dangerous the a stands for abdicate the n stands for non-stop any problems with my old life yeah alot but what’s your life I almost forgot.

Jordan Rice, Age 13, Grade 7, Junior High School 145 Arturo Toscanini, Silver Key

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