Best Teen Writing heads up!

Six students from New York are going to be appear in The Best Teen Writing of 2013! Congratulations to all them!

1. Isabella Giovannini, a Portfolio Gold Medalist, Thin Ice (Personal Essay/Memoir)

2. Serina Chang, 10th grade, Skipping Rocks (Flash Fiction)

3. Gabriella Gonzales, 11th grade, Bronx Rooftop Song (Poetry)

4. John Lhota, 9th grade, The Human Condition (Short Story)

5. Adam Schorin, 12th grade, The Shortest Short Story in the History of Short Stories of All Time Ever (short story)

6. Lucy Wainger, 10th grade, Haiku for an Extravagant & Wheeling Stranger (poetry)

These works (along with all the other National pieces) can be read in our online galleries: by searching with name or by state.

The Best Teen Writing will be available in the fall. More information as we get it!

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