Love Poem From The B Train To The Manhattan Bridge

They tell me that
you will never notice me,
that you will stand forever proud and aloof
and that I will only hurt myself falling.
They tell me that
you do not see how nervous I am around you,
how my cars bump together and all my words come out as clacks
because I am simply one of many that pass through your day.
They tell me that you are not as pretty as your friend from Brooklyn
and so if I must pine for someone who will never
can never
love me back, why you?

But I know that
someday you will see me as I truly am without blaming me
for the flaws in my design.
You will hear my clacking as a love song, and
my clumsiness and chronic lateness will be endearing.
You will forget the lapping waters and the city and the sky;
you will see only me.
And I will wrap myself around your gables to be
cradled in your swooping curves and an embrace of slender strength
as my graffiti boldly shouts my love for you.

I know that
you will love me,
because when I move through you
in you,
wind brushing our bodies,
I know that you feel it too,
that this is not just a one-time fling,
that you look forward to my arrival
more than that of any of the others that race through you, trying to get to the other side without seeing the wonder of your tall majesty all around them.
But I do, and
someday the journey will be the destination.

Alice Markham-Cantor, Age 17, Grade 12, The Beacon School, Silver Key

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