Happy Days

I’ve cried so many tears
I could create my own ocean.
Everyone, in the entire planet Earth has cried an ocean
All together
We could swim in it
We could sail in it
We could drown, even sink in it
Now isn’t good
Maybe it will never be until the day we die
Some nights I have a feeling that happy days are near
For everyone
That’s why I keep hanging on
I wait impatiently
We all do
Some nights I try
To make sense of it all, life I mean
And hell
Most nights I await normalcy
Yet here I sit decaying in absurdity
Yeah, I know I can create a whole new ocean with these tears
I could create a whole new world with these fears
Nay. I choose to stay here
Tossing and turning for happier moments,
Maybe even happier years.

Kashondra McArthur, Age 15, Grade 11, The Child School, Silver Key

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