May 9th, 2006

My soul
Is at the bottom of my shoe
And gum sticks to it

You would think that by now I would’ve known
I remain clueless
And so do you

My mind is golden
But my thoughts are silver

I am different
You are normal

The differences often lead to misunderstandings
However it is the differences which bring us closer

The differences makes us interesting

It makes me find you interesting

I stare in admiration, adoration

the color of your face,
the shape of your eyes,
the smell of your skin

on mine

You have wavy eyes
Mine are straight

you said

“every time you close those pretty little eyes of yours”

“you’ll see beauty”

i said

but beauty cannot be contained in such a small space

beauty is praised; it is God

but God cannot be contained either

he is not a single-celled organism

well, maybe.

Lindsay Manocherian, Age 16, Grade 11, Trevor Day School, Silver Key

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