Otting To Nat, Loe-d to Kelin

Otting to Nat

There is no silent ‘G’ in Nat.
Nothing is silent in Nat.
Nat never exerts his lips; he uses his jaw
When you parse Nat, he is always singular
(and ablative
(and masculine)).
While singular, Nat is uncollectied
Nat wears stripes: an interference pattern. Nat
interferes with himself. Nat
always interferes with himself. Nat
is always interfering with himself.
Nat is always passing through
his own double-slit, projecting onto himself
Nat’s right sock matches his shirt
Nat’s left sock matches his pants
There is no duality to Nat,
there is an infinitality to Nat.
Nat’s hair is a magnetic field.
Nat’s beard is made up of iron filings aligning to his beard.
There is an infinitality to Nat’s beard.
NAT is known by three letters, like FDR and JFK
Nat is a New Deal
Nat’s nose is a missile crisis
Nat is the opposite of Matt, Nat is not Matt, Nat is not not, Nat is never not.

Loe-d to Kelin

Nat can’t introduce himself.
Kelin can introduce herself, Kelin as in
Waterkelin, Cam loves watermelon, waterkelin
likes the idea of Cam.
U-da-Mass. Nah Cam, U-da-Mass.
Kelin as in Magellan, you can see the
clouds of Magellan with binoculars, you can
see Kelin-Magellan’s hair with monocles.
Kelin’s glasses are two monocles.
Kelin is a friendly siren.
Kelin guides all the Ishmaels.
“Call me Kelin. As in ‘melon.’”
(wait, waterkelin’s married? how old is she?)
Kelin’s voice is inflatable.
Kelin is inflatable.
Kelin: Inflatable. Kelin is a catalyst. Kelin
catalyzes herself. Kelin is the most interesting
chemistry lab, where you get to use the
Bunsen Burner. Kelin is the Bunsen Burner.
Kelin can always identify the independent
Kelin never labels her axes. Kelin never wants
to be the independent variable.
Kelin = in(flatable – dependent); Kelin doesn’t
understand math. Kelin understands
math people.
Kelin is projected on Math’s plane.
Kelin is projected on Nat’s plane.
Kelin always looks different when she’s projected.
Kelin is the opposite of a sphere

Noah Miller, Age 16, Grade 11, Hunter College High School, Gold Key

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