The Comma And The Dot, A Word Of Advice To The Town Of Garoo

The Comma and the Dot

The fight of the comma and the dot
Is much debated, as is not
The paper’s loss and pencil’s glory…
But that’s another story.

Said once the comma to the dot,
“I stand in CENTER, you do not.
You mark the end, you have no worth,
I am heaven, you are the earth.”

This period would not be outbeat.
“Without me no sentence is complete!”
She scowled at comma, stupid guy,
“For you are DIRT, while I am sky.”

Replied the comma with a frown,
“You look the same when upside down!
You’re just a DOT, you have no shape!
That’s truth you’re trying to escape.”

Dot didn’t falter in the least.
“So you’ve a tail, you slimy beast!
My roundness is perfection, fool!
YOU’RE just a stupid, stubborn mule!”

And on they raged for many days.
In this mad frenzy, in this craze
They fought, they yelled their voices sore
Until they could just yell no more.

The comma whispered to the dot,
“I guess I’m wrong, but right you’re not.
We’re equals. Let’s take a new door
Before we die and speak no more.”

Exhausted so, the dot agreed
“It seems we are equals indeed.”
And that’s it, believe it or not,
The story of the Comma and the Dot.

A Word of Advice to the Town of Garoo

In the forest of Bim, near the town of Garoo,
The Round-footed Rop didn’t know what to do.
For though his fur was soft and was groomed to perfection,
He completely had lost his whole sense of direction.

If he tried to walk East, he’d end up going West.
He’d take three steps, be lost, and miss dinner, at best!
He’d take two to the left and then two to the right,
And poor Round-footed Rop would be stuck overnight!

So he sat on a stump, or he tried to at least.
He fell Bump! on the ground, the poor round-footed beast.
So he sat there all day, he cried and he wept,
So he sat there, he never ate, he never slept.

When along came a bird whose wings were full of fluff,
And this beautiful bird’s name was Nelly McJuff.
She sat down with the Rop, looked him square in the eye,
And he sighed, “How I wish that I knew how to fly.”

So young Nelly McJuff started teaching the Rop,
But as much as he tried, and as much as he flopped,
He couldn’t, just couldn’t get up in the air,
For his wings, as fluffy as they were, weren’t there.

For Rops don’t have wings, as each fool plainly knows,
And they never will have them, a Rop’s wing never grows.
But to trust Rops is foolish, Miss Nelly McJuff,
And you shouldn’t ever do so, you bird full of fluff.

The Rop said: “With a sense of direction, I’ll make it.
You have one, so kindly permit me to take it.”
And that Nelly McJuff did what no bird should do,
She just gave it to him, and gave up her WINGS, too.

And the cunning-full Rop took off into the blue,
And left Nelly McFluff to just sit there, “Boo-hoo!”
To this day, Nelly sits there, and waits there, and sings,
Hoping Rop will return and bring back her great wings.

But you know very well, just as I know it too:
You should never trust Rops near the town of Garoo.
If you ever do meet one, be cunning, take care,
It could be that same Rop that took off to the air.

Leo Lion, Grade 12, Age 7, Homeschooled, Silver Key

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