Porchetta Pig

Porchetta Pig

I sat at the edge of the forest, watching many creatures pass by me. I looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting very dark. The trees were starting to cast spectral shadows onto the ground and the clouds were becoming a dark, gloomy color, but I had still not eaten dinner. I want porchetta pig

for dinner tonight. Suddenly, I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye. Three little pigs, one carrying straw, one carrying sticks, and the other carrying bricks, walking along a thin path in the woods. I hurried to catch up to them, not wanting to go to bed without eating what I desired. The pig holding the bricks saw me first and exclaimed,

“Why hello there!” he stuck out his hand for me to shake, “I am Sir Scalpellini! And you are?”

“Wolfsdorf. Master Wolfsdorf,” I replied.

“I have heard of you! Your ancestors were those famous wolves who lived in the mansion up on that hill! I am Dotorre Eterno!” The pig holding the sticks shouted.

“Why yes, they are. We are a very superior family. Now, why are you called Eterno?”

“My mother believed that I will live for a very long time,” Eterno responded.

“Ah, yes. I am sure that is true,” I then looked at the pig with the straw and shook his hand.

“I am Mr. Vivace. Its a pleasure to meet you,” He said, “I am sorry but we must leave now. We must finish building our houses today. Arrivederci!”

When I knew the pigs could no longer hear me, I began to follow them. Not long after, I reached a small half-built house made of straw. Finally, I thought to myself, I can have my porchetta pig for dinner! I walked up to the house, and almost laughed out loud because I had never known anyone to be quite so foolish as to live in a straw house. I decided to have some fun and show the pig how much power I have over him. I huffed and puffed and blew that straw house down. Mr. Vivace sat on a sedia in the middle of the collapsed pile of straw with his mouth hanging open and his eyes bulging out of his head. I snuck up behind him and snatched him up by the neck. He looked at me with a pleading look on his face.

“I thought- I thought you were our friend,” he cried.

“The Wolfsdorf family is friends with no one but our kin. In fact, the family motto that my great, great, great grandfather created many years ago is ‘ad manducandum cibum, non facere amicos’. Therefore I must eat you now.” With that, I sunk my teeth into the pig and watched his life slowly come to an end. I wanted to throw him into a fire and eat him right there, but then I had a better idea.

I sprinted farther into the woods holding the dead Mr. Vivace in my mouth. It was now very dark and I could not see very far. I could hear the wind howling and crickets chirping. I ran faster, thinking to myself soon I will be eating porchetta pig for dinner.

I suddenly bumped into a wall. I looked in front of me and saw a house made of sticks. I tapped the house and a few sticks fell out of place so I decided to show Dotorre Eterno how foolish he was by building a stick house. I huffed and puffed and blew his stick house down. Eterno was beyond shocked that someone could blow down his weak house, and he began to shout until my ears went numb.

“Why, Eterno! What has happened to your house?” I inquired in a convincing voice while holding Vivace behind my back.

“I-I-I don’t know!” He cried, “This is almost as terrible as being killed!”

“Yes of course. Death truly is a terrible thing,” I responded sarcastically.

“Could you perhaps lift me so I can see if my special cero has not fallen?”

“But of course!” I then picked him up by the neck and turned him around to face me. His eyes were filled with terror and he managed to choke out,

“You… traitor,” I then squeezed him until he turned blue and lifeless. I had planned to eat Eterno and Vivace together at Eterno’s house but then I remembered something my father, the ruler of the wolves at his time, always told me, “If you can make your prey suffer more, do it”. He would tell me that vittoria tastes very good.

Holding two dead pigs in the dead of night, I ran even deeper into the woods. It was nearly impossible to see much farther than arm’s length, but my royal blood told me that I was going the right way. Just a little bit longer, I thought to myself, Then I will be eating my porchetta pig for dinner. My stomach grumbled loudly, like boiling water, and I realized that if I didn’t eat soon, I might starve, so I broke into a sprint. When I saw a dark silhouette of a house, I silently cheered, for I knew the time was near that I would finally have my porchetta pig. I stood in front of the brick house, knowing that Sir Scalpellini was much smarter than his brothers, for he had built a house of bricks, a strong material that can not be blown down. I planned out how I would capture him, for I knew he could not be tricked very easily.

I opened the door as silently as possible and crept up the stairs. The fiamme from the candles that were set on the ground cast shadows onto the walls, reminding me of bats, flying in the wind. My feet made creaking noises with every step I took and I feared that Sir Scalpellini would hear me coming. I finally reached a door that was left ajar and I could see a light inside of the room. I quietly opened the door a little more and swiftly threw the dead Dotorre Eterno and Mr. Vivace inside the room. I waited one minute, Nothing happened. Two minutes, but still nothing happened. I was beginning to think that Scalpellini was in a different room at the moment when suddenly I heard a scream, like nails on a chalkboard.

“Oh my gosh! This is terrible! How could this have happened! Oh my poor brothers!” I heard from inside. This is my chance, I thought to myself. I then jumped into the room just as Sir Scalpellini was turning his head. This was not part of my plan, so I needed to improvise.

“Sir Scalpellini! Sir Scalpellini! Are you all right! I am so sorry! This is terrible!” I convincingly said.

“Oh Master Wolfsdorf! It was awful! I just- I just saw them there and they were dead. Oh I hope whoever killed them is not still here! What if they kill me?”

“I am sure they are not still here. I think I scared them off,” I was so hungry now that my mouth was drooling as I spoke. “I do hope they do not kill you as well, my new friend!”

“Yes, Yes. I am so grateful you are here to comfort me, Master Wolfsdorf. Would you like to come and sit by the fire?” Scalpellini offered.

“Why that would be splendid!” I replied, though I was only thinking about the porchetta pig that I was soon going to eat. I could not wait any longer. I took Scalpellini’s hand in mine and said, “Good bye, Sir Scalpellini,” I could tell that he was confused at first, but then I heard a gasp.

“You! You killed them! You murderer! How could you?” He screeched, obviously furious with me. I responded with a nod of my head snapped his arms in half, and then threw him into the fire and he was them joined by his two brothers. Sir Scalpellini was dying and I could see the life leaving his eyes, but I felt no regret.

“I, Master Wolfsdorf, descendent of the royal wolf pack, can now eat my porchetta pig!” I shouted, as Sir Scalpellini took his final breath on this earth.

Sara Tavakolian, Age 13, Grade 8, Trinity School, Gold Key

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