Circle Garden

Circle Garden

A baby girl is born,
Eve of the seventeenth of September.
When the first apple
is as new as she.

She hears words
for the things she sees and feels.
And they fall into her mind
like autumn leaves drifting to the ground.

After eleven months she knows
several words.
“Tree! Eat! NOOO!”

She takes a bite of applesauce.
Notices its sweetness,
and asks for more. Her words:
jumbled as mashed fruit.

She eats her first full slice of apple,
and says her first full sentence.
“Baby like apple!”
Showing off her newly sprouted teeth.

Her first day of school she takes an apple,
uncut, in her lunch, and writes a story.
Three sentences and a full-color picture.
“Very good!” she insists.

Now she is eleven and eats
one apple every morning.
She loves to write stories…
especially when they tell of her adventures.

She turns eighteen. Her first homemade apple pie
sustains her sleepless night
spent writing her college essay.
In three weeks, she votes for president.

Her last day at home.
She thanks them for everything,
and plants them
An apple tree.

Zoe Gorenberg-Screwvala, Age 13, Grade 8, Hunter College High School, Gold Key

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