Weighed Down By The Treasure; Pulled in By the Whirlpool; Drowned By the Treasure

Weighed Down By the Treasure

Step into the deep water
Weighed down by pennies.
Don’t you wish you brought quaters
To buy your future?

Melt the pennies into a robot that solves
Everything dissolves
Find the future
Find the treasure
That doesn’t really exist

Part Two: Pulled in By the Whirlpool

Step into the deep ocean,
Plunge in.
Move with the motion
Forget how to swim

The robot dies
Malfunction and loses the gold.
Escape, try.
Can’t save yourself cause your too bold

Swim, Swim; bubbles around
The robot forms a whirlpool
Think: “Death, drown.”
Deeper into a seccpool

Part Three: Drowned By the Treasure

Deeper the glass gashes
The blood bursts
The vision mashes
And it hurts

Chest pain,
Must retreat,
Must regain
The gold, at least.

The treasure scatters
Consciousness lossed
Nothing matters
The future is tossed

Gabriel Colon Mangin, Age 17, Grade 12, High School for Health Professions & Human Services, Silver Key

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