The Truth

I have two sets of
I’ve always know I’m ‘special’ because my parents are homosexuals
But when Dean asked me in second grade
If my moms watched me get dressed
While I’m naked
I wondered why he would even think that
And in sixth grade when I first heard my friend call
Or last summer when a man asked me
Who plays the mother
And who plays the father?
Damn it.
It’s not a play, not a story or a book
No one plays anyone but here’s the hook

I’m sorry.
This is the part where I get hesitant.
What I need to say is
When politics mixes with love you get hate
Which is a common thing that this world

But there’s all this I want to say about
Politics perverts pests don’t rest
Hurt and pain and a fork in my chest
The difference between love and hate
My would and my brain and what a big deal everybody makes

Me a doll hanging by two strings
“why yes, it’s about love and equality”

I am restless to say all that I feel
But I keep going round and round
On this wonder wheel
Don’t tell me what to feel about my
Gay family and I wont tell you
What to think about them or


In sixth grade when someone told me
My lesbian family is going to hell
This rock formed inside of me
And then
It fell

It bounced down my lungs
Through my ribs
Caught on my hip

And there it rests
Until my skin goes rips
And my blood pours out
Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
Rainbow blood from the rainbow rock
That started way up in my beating heart

So I push it back in
Through my ribs
Up my lungs
And I put it right back where it belongs.

Maya Bernstein, Age 14, Grade 9, Hunter College High School, Silver Key

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