Who Am I?, The Darkest Night, Run!, Why Me?, Unordinary Apple

Who am I?
A dreamer who has an imagination that is its own world.
A seeker who will go to the ends of the earth to find what she’s looking for.
A creator wgho loves to create works of art in poetic formation.
A optimist that believes there is something so magical about the world and how it impacts humanity.

Ms. Independent!
Glaring eyes of ambition.
Soul full of success.
Mommy always told me to reach for the stars but yet when I reached…..I landed on the moon.
As I dance to the rhythm in which poetic words roll off the tongue of my mother….see peer pressure was always a flaw of mine.
The urge of wanting to be with the incrowd….cuz see being smart wasn’t always easy….
Empty brains and the aroma of marijuana seemed to surround me… but mommy ain’t raise no fool!
So I kept my head in the books…time passed on and the books became more interesting….

See romance and fiction were my two favorite genres.
The craving for more books of romance became intense.
The need to have an unconditional love that consumes me.
I want to be in a fairytale…but fairytales aren’t real,
So I dream of future so bright and full of adventure…you see this isn’t reality but this is what happens when I dream.

The sun didn’t set today.
Sleepless nights for Mother Nature.
Oceans twisting and turning on their rocky sea beds,
What once was beautiful.
Pride blinding the people,
Refusing to heed warnings.

Cold water slams against the bodies of the helpless.
Ocean water neck high,
Hands spread wide open,
Grasping and clenching onto Mother Nature.
She tortures her children.

Clamoring arms that tremble in fear.
The elegance of the eye that stares down at us.
Swirls of danger,
Outraging force driving through the sea,
Tropical wonders that kill and destroy.
Muffled cries of despair.
Shattering windows.
Agony pushing and pulling on front doors.
Frustration relentlessly ringing doorbells.
Mother Nature in hysterics as she splits open doors.
Splinters stab the people who stand behind them.
Her wrath trails her.

“Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. “

Sand grains thrust though air,
Soft gasps for air,
Nostrils with no oxygen,
Heart beats slow down in unison,

Boom boom Boom boom…

Vibrations of dying people,
Wind that turns trees full circle,
Obliteration of roof tops.

Mother Nature on sleepless nights,
Expect the unexpected

So I keep running.

Shackles on my feet,
Whip pressed against my backside,
Whelps and bruises.
Images of my master stains my memory.
Painful nostalgia.
Rough soles that bare calluses that mark the path to freedom.
So I keep on running .

Cries of agony.
Voices of my children shout from beyond the outskirts of slavery.
All a mother wants to do is caress her child within her indefatigable arms.
Forced to relinquish my children to monstrosity,
So I keep on running.

Compromising my morality,
I keep on running.
Slavery is potent!
Begins to enslave our minds,
Don’t let it enslave your mind,
Won’t let it enslave my mind!

So I keep on running.
Don’t let the blood I bleed fill you with sorrow;
Rather, motivation and determination.
So you keep on running!

I dream many dreams.
Freedom is my biggest dream.
So I’ll keep on running till I see freedom.
Freedom is filled with elegant roses,
Soft winds combing through my hair.
Night won’t be scary anymore,
Filled with glistening and luminous stars.

Freedom is just a dream.
I’m just dreaming .
I want freedom!
So I’ll keep on running!

Feeling like the lover who has never been loved
Piercing hearts of despair
Loving someone who neglects the fact that you exist
So you ask yourself what is love?
How can you believe in something that you’ve never felt?
See……because when I fall…..I fall hard
But no one is ever there to catch me
So I allow my dreams and nightmares to take me on adventures
I’m too young to be feeling this kind of pain
But…..young no longer has a definition so….
I listen to love songs and have Cinderella on replay …waiting for my glass slipper to be found
But instead tears run down my cheek bones not as a sign of weakness but as a sign of strength
See memories don’t go away that easy
But…..time goes on…..life goes on and your heart breaks again

Curvy and round and thick and smooth.
Fingers that leave imprints of residue.
Nicks, Indentations and Lacerations puncture my skin.
Sweet juice pumps through my veins and back to my core.
It sooths my wounds.
From be tossed back and forth…..
Back and forth
And back to the bottom of the bin!
The bin!
Labeled Garbage Disposal!

Make up….
My makeup is wax.
Shielding my skin,
Covering my flaws,
Waiting for someone to want me flaws and all.

In my eyes….
My spots resemble the stars that resonate true beauty.
I have thin layers yet they contain depth.
They say one bad apple spoils the bunch but I am special!
My Nicks, Indentations and Lacerations do not define me!
My beauty is skin deep!

Apples don’t fall far from the tree but yet I soar.

Tema Regist, Age 16, Grade 11, Midwood High School, Silver Key

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