Morning Horoscopes

If you were to roll out of bed
in your now-too-tight nighty,
into the kitchen where the sunlight

would be so thick it would envelope
you in a blanket, you would ask
with your still-dreamy eyes

if you could take it with you
back to bed, your question
punctuated by a yawn.

I would ruffle your brown curls
and prepare you some eggs.
Would you like them scrambled or fried?

And maybe you would now drink coffee.
Would you take milk or cream?
How many sugars for my sweet little girl?

But, as I trudge down the stairs,
I decide that today I can’t bear
to deal with the mold by the sink,

so I open up the same old newspaper,
dated March 4, 2003,
flipping, as usual, to the horoscopes,

where today is a still good time for my little Taurus
to go to the theater, an art exhibit, a social gathering,
to become excited for the future,
though be careful not to make long-term plans.

Eliana Lorch, Age 16, Grade 11, Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan, Silver Key

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