We, Shattered Glass, Lamp Posts


We wait in the across the hall,
Eyeing the wooden door,
Evergreen paint chips at the vertices,
Carving around the curves cut.

You stand in front of us,
and blink and the radiator sputters in the hallway
behind you.

Sometimes we sit out here,
Across the hallway, only to get away from

Their ridicule and trumpets and carbon-fiber printings.
Their red coats and Deep Winter Nights
below the bridge.

Quiet, still, quiescence.

Shattered Glass

The smoke below the broken sky revolved
Around itself, creating volume through
Thin air engulfs the city nothing solved
The heavens splinter, seem to be on cue.

Harsh fumes fog up the shards as they cascade
From tops of buildings, piercing atmosphere.
They plummet, sending free-fall blades
That shattered beneath our hemisphere.

Lamp Posts

The lights from ships re-
flect off the black, night waters onto
the crescent, harvest moon
whose light rivals that of the twinkling lamp posts
Of the City Sleeping Beneath It.

By the hills into the universe,
The lights from parking lots
blend into the stars

Cally Tullo, Age 18, Grade 12, Saint Ann’s School, Silver Key

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