(never) Let Me Go, Rotten Pineapples, To Maddie

(never) Let Me Go

Hold me
Tight, so it is
Hard to breathe. Tie me down,
So I cannot move. Never
Let me go

rotten pineapples
i will always forget when we were together
as if i have been lobotomized, numbed
to unlearn that which is unimportant to the world
and you
kind of like selective hearing for manic romantics
or kind of like how we bury the dead close enough to the surface so they can be undug
or kind of like how we increase the volume of our voices to accommodate those who can hear
but cannot listen
or kind of like how I chew my fingernails till my flesh stings red;
not that that matters, it is just a habit
but it is not really like any of those,
is it?
and it is not really like I could forget the summer
when the sky came crashing down to earth
even though i seem to be losing my memory of late

but, that should not matter
because mostly the way I feel about you is simple
biological, musical
my face catches fire when your voice catches wind
my ribs vibrate with rhythmic magnetic attraction
i shut my eyes to your lyrics but cannot escape your dreamy melody
each note rings as I watch the brown petrified rocks in your head
explode into crystal
or see your laugh lines wrinkle
or feel your sleep drown my shoulder
it is the same reason we know there’s hope in a clear sky,
despair in a swirling ocean,
and sweetness
in rotten pineapples

To Maddie

And I remember the day you left.
This is the one
Where the barely risen sun
Playfully paints your untouched face. I can see you
Smiling a teeth full of Tennyson
Tying bricks to your ankles
‘I’m going to find a new world
Under the ocean.’

And I remember the day you left.
Your blurrily blue body slinking away
Shattering to fragmented pieces with one step
Becoming whole again with another.
I, all the while,
Admiring the fault lines that ran ridges down your spine and
How pretty
Can be

Andrés Vaamonde, Age 17, Grade 11, The Fieldston School High School, Silver Key

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