Dear wind ; et al

Dear Wind

Dear wind,
Why when you,
Would blow so strong,
On days of sadness and grey,
My hands in my pockets,
My ears in my collar,
Trying to keep you away,
Would tip off my hat,
Make me bend down,
Then fall,
You yell so strong,
I would drop the paper,
And you make it fly away,
Not knowing of its importance,
Not knowing of its worth,
Not knowing you ruined my day.

Government Corruption

Fists raging
Ears ringing
Necks are stiff like trees.

Voices shrieking
Nostrils flaring
Money in the hands of thieves.

Legs running
Fingers pointing
Happiness cries and grieves.

You’re a page in their story
You’re a doll in their hands
They’ll find you, nobody is free.

There are no windows to climb out
You’ll end where you started
Just hope that you aren’t seen.

My True Identity

I like to try new things
I sometimes wonder what if…
Such an individual I am my own race
So many fake laughs, can’t tell what’s real
It’s impossible to keep my feelings inside of me
By nature I have a temper
I trained myself to have an inside voice
I have no filter on what I say
I have my own way of speaking
I tend to think I’m on Broadway
To share is my greatest difficulty
People always compliment me on my eyes
Everything comes back to weight for me
Others looking perfect is my OCD
Turning pages of a book makes me bored
I’d rather not be known for my humor
Through my faults, my weaknesses this is me.


The world is a big place
Together we can make a difference
We can make it a better place
We can make it a safer place

I once tried to change the world
But the world turned its back on me
I tried to change my country
But my country just mocked me
I tried to change my state
But my state just blew me away
I tried to change my community
But my community swallowed me up
I tried to change my block
But the traffic light stayed red
I tried to change my friends
But their secrets shut me out

The only one left that I didn’t change
Was the hardest person of all.
Not a world
Not a country
Not a state
Not a community
Not a block
Not a friend
But me
I had to change myself
But I gave up and never tried again.

Tziri Joselit, Age 17, Grade 12, Congregation Bnos Yaakov, Honorable Mention

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